Jason LaPrade

Live Sound & Recording Engineer. Producer. Musician. Photographer.

Scars, Freckles, Warts and All .... Living in an Autotune World.

This is a video of women watching themselves being transformed into cover models with Photoshop.  I expected them to gaze in wonder at how beautiful they could be, but instead, they gained more respect for themselves as they are.  They felt the transformation was unnatural, and the resulting image bore little resemblance to how they really look and who they truly are.

I'd like to promote something similar in the world of recorded music.  So much in life is smoke and mirrors and these days you can't always believe what you hear - much like you can't believe what you see in today's magazines.

So I'd like to encourage my clients, and all musicians (including myself) to embrace who they are.  That doesn't mean we need to banish some of the tools that allow us to shape our sound.  There is a place for editing, Autotune, and other effects, just like there is a place for developing our craft, our art, our talent.

So let us not lose sight of reality.  Why hide our imperfections, fears, and self-doubts?  Everyone has them.  Let's share the truth - scars, freckles, warts and all.

Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.
— John Lennon