Jason LaPrade

Live Sound & Recording Engineer. Producer. Musician. Photographer.

Live Sound Engineer

Stage fright, howling feedback, unable to hear yourself onstage, wondering whether you are sounding as good as possible out front -- I've been there too.  I totally understand and wish to make things as easy and stress free as possible so you can focus on what's important ... your art and your performance.

I can supply a sound system and an engineer to operate it, or save you money by running an existing system, if one exists.

Maybe you're not a musician.  Are you organizing an event?  There are so many pieces to the puzzle and countless details to worry about.  Let me make things easier on you by taking care of the technical aspects.

Need entertainment?  I can suggest entertainers.  Need a stereo or multi-track recording of your event?  Please see the recording page.  Need a sound system installed at your venue?  I can offer suggestions and help with purchasing and installation of equipment.  Out of town?  No problem!  Arrangements can be made to come to your area.

Here is a sample of the types of events I typically do: concerts, parties, dances, reunions, weddings, church events, outdoor shows, festivals, speaking engagements.


Negotiable from $50 to $60/hr plus equipment, if necessary.  Typical equipment costs are between $100 & $350/day depending on what is needed.

Regular Clients Include:

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