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New Home of Crystal Clear Sound

Welcome to the new home of Crystal Clear Sound, a sound company based in Toronto, Canada.  This new site also comes with a new domain name (www.jasonlaprade.com).  As the domain name suggests, the site isn't just about the company anymore.  It is in fact the new online stomping grounds for me as a human being, sound guy, producer, musician, photographer, health nut, and whatever else I feel like promoting or sharing on a regular basis. 

Please visit often as you'll soon find a lot more content here.  As a recording engineer I'll be showcasing some of the artists I've recorded.  As a musician you'll hear some of the songs I've played on, along with some original compositions of mine.  As a photographer I'll be posting photos of various genres as I explore art of a different kind .... from behind the camera lens.  From time to time, you may even find a new blog post or two.

I'd love to hear what you think about the new site and I'm always open to dialog on how I can improve things.  Thanks for stopping by! 



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